The overwhelming majority of people who gamble don't have a problem with it, in fact for the majority of those who do bet, gambling is an entertaining form of recreation.

Some interesting facts about the Irish Gambling Industry.

  • Almost 44% of Irish adult population play the National Lottery regularly, spending €772 million in 2010
  • Approximately 12% of Irish adults bet with a bookmaker weekly
  • Approximately 2% of Irish adults gamble online regularly
  • Less than 1% of those who need treatment for problem gambling actually receive it.
  • Independent studies and the US National Academy of Sciences have confirmed Harvard University's estimate that 1% of an adult population have a gambling disorder. This equates to c.28,000 people in Ireland (based on adult population of 2.8m) but Ireland's Institute of Public Health extrapolates it could be as high as 40,000
  • Irish people are estimated to gamble over €5bn per year; thats €14m per day or €10,000 per minute
  • There is no data in Ireland to tell us exactly how many persons gamble, how often or how many have a gambling problem (will change in 2012 with GambleAware launch of Irish Gambling Prevalence Study)
  • Gambling addiction is an 'impulse control problem' that any person can suffer from regardless of age, sex or socio economic profile
  • Ireland has approximately 1,100 bookmakers shops, 19 Private Members Clubs/Casinos, 122 Licensed Gaming Arcades and over 10,000 gaming machines
  • Ireland issues approximately 6,500 lottery licences (both occasional and periodical) per year to charities and sporting organisations for fundraising purposes, not including the National Lottery but does include bingo halls
  • According to the Institute of Public Health in Ireland, adolescent gambling is thought to be 2-3 times the rate of adults

About The IRGB

The IRGB provides an industry funded resource in the Republic of Ireland to deliver a gateway to education of responsible gambling, increasing awareness and treatment of problem gambling. This initiative acts as a hub for industry funding of research, education and treatment. It also delivers GambleAware in Ireland to provide advice, education, awareness and support for gamblers, their families and any gambling related problems.

The IRGB has a simple underlying principle governing our direction:


To ensure that those who need assistance, support and treatment for problem gambling issues can get the help they need.


For further information contact: IRGB, 16/17, South Terrace, Cork, Ireland.
E: info@gambleaware.ie