GambleAware Launch 24th November 2011

GambleAware finally comes into being!

After over two and a half years of voluntary effort by a number of gambling industry executives and interested stakeholders, the GambleAware Ireland initiative has finally gotten off the ground.

With support coming from bookmakers, lottery providers, bingo clubs, casinos, arcade owners and machine operators, GambleAware is in good standing to deliver on the desire of the Irish Gambling Industry to ensure socially responsible gambling to particularly protect the young and the vulnerable.

Contributions and support from clinical care providers, politicians, mental health professionals and numerous international Responsible Gambling bodies have provided a strong base on which to build.


A number of specific efforts will be the focus of GambleAware for its initial period. Those are:

  • providing the Republic of Ireland's national gambling helpline
  • providing education and awareness for the public and the gambling industry, initially through and also in every gambling providers premises nationwide
  • initiating Ireland's first study in to the gambling habits of Irish people and the prevalence of problem gambling


But our primary and underlying principle is simple...

To ensure that anyone who needs information, support or treatment for problem gambling issues, get the help they need



About The IRGB

The IRGB provides an industry funded resource in the Republic of Ireland to deliver a gateway to education of responsible gambling, increasing awareness and treatment of problem gambling. This initiative acts as a hub for industry funding of research, education and treatment. It also delivers GambleAware in Ireland to provide advice, education, awareness and support for gamblers, their families and any gambling related problems.

The IRGB has a simple underlying principle governing our direction:


To ensure that those who need assistance, support and treatment for problem gambling issues can get the help they need.


For further information contact: IRGB, 16/17, South Terrace, Cork, Ireland.