Welcome to Gamble Aware Ireland

GambleAware is Ireland’s national organisation devoted to increasing awareness, improving education and funding treatment for problem gambling. GambleAware shall also be funding research to increase understanding of pathological gambling and assist effective methods of treatment.

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    Recognise a problem.

    It is important to be able to recognise the signs that you may have a gambling problem

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    Warning Signs

    Have you ever had an issue with your gambling?

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    Your first step to change...

    What is Problem Gambling?

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Worried about your gambling?

If gambling is causing issues in your life, you can take steps to change this. If you have issues with gambling there is free, confidential professional help & support available.

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Family & Friends

If you have concerns over a loved one’s gambling habits, there is information to assist family and friends.

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Counselling & Support

GambleAware’s confidential helpline will help you to work out what the problems are and also to gain an understanding of your gambling behaviours.

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Gamble Aware




About The IRGB

The IRGB provides an industry funded resource in the Republic of Ireland to deliver a gateway to education of responsible gambling, increasing awareness and treatment of problem gambling. This initiative acts as a hub for industry funding of research, education and treatment. It also delivers GambleAware in Ireland to provide advice, education, awareness and support for gamblers, their families and any gambling related problems.

The IRGB has a simple underlying principle governing our direction:


To ensure that those who need assistance, support and treatment for problem gambling issues can get the help they need.


For further information contact: IRGB, 16/17, South Terrace, Cork, Ireland.
E: info@gambleaware.ie